Lets Meet Again In 2032

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Lets Meet Again In 2032


For this project I decided to further an investigation I have been having into how the content of a sculpture could be formed primarily by the passage of time. This project will be made by the events in the invited guests lives that occur between 2012 and 2032. The picnic lunch in the year 2032 is a type of bridge between the known present and the unknown future. I am fairly sure the year 2032 will arrive but I have no certainty about my presence there or the presence of my friends. My hopes are though that we will meet again in 2032, we will share lunch and reflect on the events in our lives and how they have shaped us.

I am concerned that as a culture it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine our future. Our ability to conceptualize our presence in 20, 50 100 years time is no longer part of our vernacular. “ Lets Meet Again In 2032” is a way to make friends with the future.