Living With A Log



Living With A Log
Ashland Oregon 1998


Living With A Log


This project was a sculpture and performance work made by locating a 42 ft, 2 1/2 ton fir tree in the forests of southern Oregon and placing it inside of my home in the nearby town of Ashland. My wife and I lived in the house with the log, going about our normal daily routine. The house was open to the public during this time.

My intention with this project was to bring the wild and the domesticated into contact again. The house I was living in was entirely constructed of wood. The wallpaper was of a floral design. The region I lived in was heavily forested and was also heavily lumbered. I realized that in many ways our houses are domesticated replica’s of wild environments. With this work I wanted to live within the tension that would be created by bringing these two extremes into proximity. Like two opposing magnets.